Asset Management

Asset Management

Byom provides highly qualified Asset Management services even through the “rent a plant” model; this formula saves owner from operation and meteorological risks. Main activities:

  • Construction of renewable energy plants
  • Asset management until their disposal
  • Assistance during assets purchase or sale activities

Technical Management

  • Assistance in technical evaluation of photovoltaic plants and wind farms
  • Management of all providers and relevant performances supervision: EPC Contractors, O&M Contractors, Utilities, Insurance Companies
  • Support in the relations with authorities involved
  • Support in the relations with “Gestore di Rete” Energy Distributor (connections, technical standard changes, updating of network code, faults managements)
  • Support in the relations with Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE)
  • Control plant activity focusing on production and performances, suggesting improvements and components revamping, if needed
  • Optimization of different alternatives related to energy sale
  • Periodic reports on plants performances

Accounting Management

  • Support in the management of receivables (incentive schemes and energy sale) and payables (EPC Contractors, O&M Contractors, Utilities, Surveillance, etc.)
  • Management of the relations with banks for the commercial aspects (current accounts for revenues, payments and operational management) and for project funding
  • Administrative management of contracts with suppliers and third parties involved (EPC Contractors, O&M Contractors, Utilities, Insurance Companies, land owners)
  • Accounting, reporting, budget and balance sheet
  • Drafting and updating of financial plans for investors and lenders

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